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For the last twelve years, EA Sports have used a Madden NFL video game simulation to predict the outcome of the Super Bowl.Madden NFL 18 predicts a 24-20 Super Bowl victory for the New England Patriots over the.For Super Bowl 52, Madden NFL 18 predicts a Patriots victory over the.

Madden NFL 18 Official Super Bowl 52 Prediction Trailer. 3 months ago. Madden NFL 18 Official Super Bowl 52 Prediction.Those pulling for Carolina to come out on top will enjoy watching their Super Bowl 50.Will their prediction for the Patriots vs. the Falcons in Super Bowl 51 be.

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If Super Bowl LI goes anything like the Madden NFL 17 video game simulation, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will be elated.Last week, the game maker simulated Super Bowl XLIX using their latest Madden video game.What does a video game. we analyze the last five years of Madden predictions to find out.Watch the video below after the break to see what happened for the Madden NFL 17 Super Bowl Prediction to see how Super Bowl 51 ended.Someone might want to check the offices of EA Sports for a time machine.Good news, Falcons fans, your team is apparently destined to win it all in Super Bowl 51.

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A simulation of Super Bowl LII run in the video game Madden NFL 18 predicts the New England Patriots will beat the Philadelphia Eagles by a score of 24-20.

New England Patriots Win in Official Madden NFL 17 Super Bowl LI Prediction. The Madden NFL Super.EA is ready with a Madden NFL simulation for every Super Bowl,.

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For the first time, it nailed the exact final score of a Super Bowl.

When it comes to NFL video games, Madden NFL is the benchmark upon which all others are measured. Bold Predictions Predicting Day 2 of the Draft.

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The New England Patriots are going to hoist the Lombardi Trophy for the third time in four seasons.So says a Madden NFL 18 simulation of Super Bowl LII.The video game.

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Every year, dozens of sites pop in the latest Madden game and pit the two real-life Super Bowl teams.

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In 2015, it not only accurately predicted the final score of Super Bowl XLIX, but also that the.As you can tell from the video above, according to Madden NFL 18, the New England Patriots will be repeating as Super Bowl champions, as the game predicts them to win.The New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks 28-24 today, cementing the official EA Sports prediction of Super Bowl XLIX.

The Panthers are a 6 point favorite in Vegas and experts seem to be.Football video game Madden nailed the Super Bowl in its simulation last week, from the score to the player who received the game-winning touchdown.Simulation Makes Super Bowl 50 Predictions. various aspects of the Super Bowl last year.

Players love the video game franchise but give stiff-arm to prediction.Madden started simulating the Super Bowl in 2004 and has proven to be very accurate with their predictions.

Find out who wins Super Bowl XLIX with the help of Madden 15. Watch the full Madden 15 Super Bowl prediction video below: Tags:.Find out who Madden 18 predicts to win Super Bowl LII and see the Madden NFL 18 Super Bowl LII Edition offer. EA SPORTS Madden NFL 18 logo.Why would anyone care which team a video game thinks will win the Super Bowl.

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Each game will result in a prediction on the Super Bowl. EA had Madden 10 predict the Super Bowl at the start of.

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According to Madden NFL 16, the Panthers will beat the Broncos 24-20 in Super Bowl 50.Eagles in Super Bowl 52 will be much closer than the odds suggest.

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Watch: Madden NFL 18 predicts dramatic end to Patriots-Eagles Super Bowl The video game has correctly predicted 10 of the past 14 winners.In the pre-video era, the Madden simulation was 6-for-7 picking.Electronic Arts has used its Madden NFL franchise to simulate the winner of each Bowl every year since 2004.